How Boniface Mwangi was able to sneak his underage kids to Sol Fest

• The activist also explained why he had done it despite knowing it was wrong.

Boniface Mwangi with his wife and kids.
Image: Instagram

Human rights activist Boniface Mwangi has revealed that he sneaked his 3 underage kids to the Sauti Sol concert that was held last week.

Speaking during an interview with online media, Boniface admitted that he knew what he did was wrong but as long as his kids enjoyed the moment he was okay with it.

Defending his actions the controversial activist highlighted that SolFest 2023 was probably the very last time that the celebrated boy band was ever going to share a stage together and he couldn't deny his kids who are die-hard Sauti Sol fans the opportunity to see the 'Live and Die in Africa' hitmakers have their last dance.

"So Sauti Sol it is their like last performance... their last dance. And my kids are going to become older in a couple of years and they might never get a chance to watch Sauti Sol perform live so to sneak them [we devised a plan]" started off Boniface.

He went on to narrate how he disguised his kid's outfits to help them appear older and cover up their faces so that they would be able to get past the security check without any hurdles.

Boniface Mwangi
Image: Instagram

"Tuliwasneak. Tulivaa majackets, makofia na ma gumboots ikae kama wako 25 or 26,(so as to be able to sneak them we clothed them in heavy outfits and used jackets and hats to cover them up so that they would be able to pass as someone who is 25/26 years old,)" the human rights activist narrated.

"So nilisneak watoi hapa ndani, nilifanya makosa hapo kidogo but wamejibamba (I sneaked my kids in here, I did something a little wrong there but they had so much fun)!" the father of 3 added.

Finishing up he opened up on how madly in love his kids were with the boy band highlighting that Sauti Sol were literally like the sound of his family and that is why he didn't see anything wrong with them attending Sol Fest.

"My kids love Sauti Sol! They dance to the music, listen to it, sing along to it. Sauti Sol is like the sound of the family. I can't name a favourite song because they are 3 kids and each one has their favourite song," Boniface said.

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