Kenyans express grave concerns over Charlene Ruto's dressing for international trip

• The first daughter is no stranger to dividing Kenyans over her interesting dress sense.

Charlene Ruto at the forum in Doha
Image: Twitter

Charlene Ruto has been attracting a lot of criticism online over her fashion sense recently while on her trip to Qatar where she has been attending the Doha Forum Youth Edition.

The first daughter decided to post a series of images that showcased the event but Kenyans were quick to call her out for the type of dress she wore at the event.

Charlene Ruto at the forum
Image: Twitter

Read some of the comments below;

Nyakwarseda Haukuwa na nguo ingine jameni

feata@featasally Mwandiko mbaya kama nguo si ukuwe na kitu moja poa angalau

Terrazzo man But why are u looking older than ur mum??

Namz@NamzWafz Whoever dresses u is an embarrasment,

Sarah saash@Sarahlei3· How old are you again? Because why are you dressed like a granny who is fighting old age?

Fred Kariankei@fskariankei· Right forum good connections...veeery worrying choice of dress, that stylist is not your friend.

Kairetu Lets be friends i will be advising on how to dress.... decently for that matter but a little bit of style, trust me you need just a little push

Sam Sam My dear, who is your designer please?

Nkatha June Who's dressing you yawa

kimutai k. Nehemiah Your designer is totally failing you

KENYA1 With that long dress, what is missing is just a white Akorino headdress ndio ukue Wa Githomo kamili.

The girl from Mûsakuthe Sasa unakaa aje jamani

FM@Themainfrank· Umevalia gown ya catholic priest

Naph Bosir What is that dress

Charlene Ruto at the forum
Image: Twitter

This isn't the first time that Charlene has drawn negative responses to her style and fashion choices.

She has previously received requests from Kenyans to put more effort into her appearance; TikTok user Mourine Mwangi even offered to do her hair.

She expressed her respect for Charlene saying that she was politely applying for the job because she thought she could do it.

TikTok star Mummie Francie also critiqued Charlene's dressing during the Jamhuri Day celebrations.

“The dress…I acknowledge that the cost of the dress is enough to feed me for three years but no. It is a beautiful dress but not for the occasion.”

Mummie said, “You see these deras, I can make them into lovely gowns. I’m happy to work with you to get clothes for different events. You can have a dress made just for you that will fit you properly."

The video creator added that she has seen Charlene wearing short wigs, which fit her better than the long ones. She went on to explain that Charlene’s wigs are a “cry for help.”

According to Mummie, Charlene looks better in short wigs than in long ones. Charlene's wigs are a “cry for help,” she continued.

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