Daddy Owen reveals nature of his relationship with Charlene Ruto

Daddy Owen with Charlene Ruto
Image: Instagram

Veteran gospel singer Owen Mwatia aka Daddy Owen has opened up about his relationship with President William Ruto's daughter, Charlene Ruto, just a few days after they were seen spending time together.

In a recent interview with a local radio station, Daddy Owen sounded very shocked after being romantically linked to the president's daughter and made it clear that she is just a good friend to him.

He also revealed that he and Charlene Ruto have been working together on several projects which he did not reveal. "It's just a job, we're just hitting the job!" Owen said.

Regarding appearing with Ms. Charlene, the gospel singer explained that they have been doing various jobs together.

"In addition to being just friends, we work together. There are many projects we do together," he said.

In addition, Daddy Owen pointed out that not every woman he spends time with is his girlfriend. He also said that he does not know the relationship status of the president's daughter despite the fact that they are friends.

About four months ago, the musician made it clear that he is in no hurry to find another wife after separating from his first wife.

In an exclusive interview with Radio Jambo, Daddy Owen said that in his campaign to try finding a kienyeji to marry earlier this year, he was unsuccessful despite taking a long time to find one.

Owen said that however, he was also so busy with so many jobs that he lost his will to find one. "I did not succeed, the work has been a lot. Right now, the work is so busy that I don't plan to look anymore,” Daddy Owen replied. 

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