King Charles a visit kila wiki! Winnie Odinga's new look stuns Kenyans

• The look has made many Kenyans' see the East African Member of Parliament in a new light.

Winnie Odinga
Image: Instagram

King Charles III's visit has had the power to do something that has never happened before for most Kenyans: Winnie Odinga donning a pretty cute green dress!

Winnie Odinga meeting King Charles III
Image: Instagram

The daughter of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga went all out as she showed off her winning look for thousands of Kenyans on social media who were stunned by the good she looked out of her customary well-fitting pants.

Winnie Odinga
Image: Instagram
Winnie Odinga smiling with other ladies at an event King Charles III was at
Image: Instagram

Most of the comments were complimentary with many Kenyans praising how she looks and saying that she should incorporate more dresses in her wardrobe choices.

Read some of the comments below;

kichuna_cha_mwabili Looking do good, maybe you should do this more often😍

odida91 Ukona mtu ama nikuwe yeye ❤️mbz_cars So I dress can work 👏musundiphoebe Very beautiful . So you look this good in dresses.

austineodeny The dress will work.IT is on point

wabzrina4 Uyo ana bifu 😂 that shit was done to me and till now I am not over it 😂 but si kumeet king eish I would have committed a crime by now😢but anyways big up🙌

tours_kenya Alpha woman

aawuoltingawuod Wewe uko very different na hiyo nguo Haki, ama Ni venye tumekuzoe na long'i??

raymondkeji Beautiful 😍

ladybosibori That is a lovely dressofficial_v.incentDamnnn❤️😍

franksteeldesigns Kwani unaishi apo Winnie yawa iyo mlango iko nyuma yako ni mm ndio nilijenga apo Riverside

Ramesh SaxenaThat's a great dress she has on

Issa-Turgen Kumbe huwa zimeanguka hivii

THEGI WA MWIKI Class recognizes class

Jeff kinanga Not bad to meet the king.

Sir Ham Wats Which language were they using??

Larrykims@charles39599825 Zimefall down na bado hajapata Mzee.. Earth is hard

Wakanyoni Wa Nyaga Winnie in a dresss wow Curtsy for King Charlie darling

Steve Mbugz She looks good .

What do you think of Winnie's new look? Yay or nay?

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