Esther Passaris's birthday photo divides Kenyans

• In a short but beautiful message, the politician shared her celebration with a resounding message of thankfulness to her family, friends, and fans.

Esther M Passaris
Image: Instagram

The Nairobi Women Representative, Esther Muthoni Passaris, is a role model for philanthropy, grace, and self-empowerment in addition to being a committed public worker.

As she approaches her 59th birthday, the businesswoman paused to consider the lovely tapestry of her life, which has been woven with moments of gratification, love, and isolation.

Esther expressed her happiness with a succinct but heartfelt note of gratitude to her loved ones, friends, and supporters.

"Today I celebrate turning 59 with gratitude to God and to my parents," expressed the mother of 2.

She emphasised how much she values her alone time, emphasising the underlying meaning of her message that we frequently find our greatest power and clarity in those quiet moments.

Esther is an example of someone who embraces alone with open arms. alone is not about loneliness, but rather about self-discovery and contemplation.

Esther's embrace of self-love is maybe what makes her birthday greeting the most motivational.

She values embracing every aspect of herself and feeling at ease in her own flesh. And the image she posted to her Instagram feed to mark her 59th birthday made this clear.

"I treasure my memories and moments of solitude. I treasure my family, friends and fans alike.

Never take for granted your love. I treasure being comfortable in my skin and loving all of me. #Happy Mashujaa Day," the rest of her post read.

As usual, internet users found something to criticise and vent their anger with. Some people continued to criticise her for the photo she shared as she celebrated another orbit around the sun in the comment section of her post. While others remarked on how fantastic the politician looked at 59.

Below are a few mixed comments from Instagram users who felt her choice of photo was inappropriate for a lady of her age while interestingly still showing love as well as netizens who were struck by her beauty and unageing appearance as they wished her a happy birthday;

barazaelly Happy birthday to you kiongozi lakini funika mapaja

thee_tiggop You look like a thate faef (35) lady wape dada zetu siri 😂,,Happy turnings Fine lady💐🌺

ibrah_lion Sit properly like a 59 year old now Mheshimiwa, Happy birthday to you 🤍

wuod_bato HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUHESH, on a lighter note though! U don't have to expose, we already love and cherish you vile uko mummy. Apa nayo unachoma. 🔥

orechi.dennis Happiest birthday mheshimiwa ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

benard.ngala:Happy birthday Hon Esther we love you and we really celebrate you enjoy the day

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