Gachagua: I want to fire 100 Chiefs by December,2023

• Gachagua has give chiefs from Nandi till December to get rid of illicit brew.

• He says he will fill bad sacking these chiefs but he has no option.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua
Image: The-Star

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has vowed to sack 100 Chiefs by December 2023.

This is because the chiefs have not been doing much to fight the selling of illicit brews in counties.

In a video doing rounds online Gachagua says he has already has a list of Chiefs he will fire adding that he has given the rest until December to mend their ways.

"I do not want to sack the chiefs but if the illicit brews continue I will have to fire Chiefs from Nandi them despite them voting for us. I love the chiefs but I love young people more. We have to decide between Illicit brew and the chiefs who has to stay, and because alcohol cannot decide for itself the chiefs have to decide. I want to sack 100 chiefs before Christmas so that they can be an example to others."

Further adding

"Others we have already decided alongside Kindiki and Omollo, We already have a list of some lazy chiefs. but some have to be from Nandi. Before December 12 on Jamhuri day get rid of illicit brew. Talk to this people and tell them Riggy G was here looking for people to fire."

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