Round 2! Sonko wipes the floor with Alai in silly new beef!

The Kileleshwa started the beef when he doubted the cost of the former governor's outfit

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• This isn't the first time that the two politicians have had a beef this past month.

KOt say cost of sonko outfit is sh2.6million
KOt say cost of sonko outfit is sh2.6million

Mike Sonko was rocking a rather extravagant look on Tuesday when waiting for his flight at the airport.

"Good morning watu wangu. Have a blessed and happy Tuesday na mubaki salama," he addressed netizens.

He was wearing a classy pair of black/brown boots from an exclusive brand, also Mr. Mbuvi was warming himself with a brown jacket, plus a tiger-striped shirt paired with black trousers.

His usual sets of rings and gold chain adorned his hands. Talk about Sonko being Sonko. He also added that he was chilling as the flight was delayed

"Delay due to technical problem huwa ninini?".

Kenyans were not paying attention to this question and instead were rather engrossed in his outfit of choice, plus the briefcase with loads of money.

In typical fashion, the rich former politician's outfit was not cheap. He was decked out in designer gear and a Kenyan has broken down the cost.

Much was said about it and a Kenyan on Twitter even went to the extent of breaking down the cost of his outfit.

sonko at the airport with his gold plated suitcase sh30million
sonko at the airport with his gold plated suitcase sh30million

Twitter user Kweyu Isaac weighed in.

"- Gold Watch : KES 700,000- Diamond Lion Ring: KES 623,500- Gold 14K lion Rings: KES 440,000- Gold 10k Necklace: KES 364,600- Gold 10k Bracelet: KES 215,500- Gucci GG H. loafers: KES 125,950- Versace Jeans Couture: KES 38,500- Bottom Floral shirt: KES 7,500.

KES 2.6 M."

His display of wealth did not sit well with Robert Alai, who disputed the cost and both were at each other's necks.

"FAKE. Those things he wears are not even worth Ksh 20,000. They are worth much less. Colour of gold but stuff are FAKE!"

Sonko slammed the Kilimani MCA writing back;

"Wewe umekuwa mheshimiwa na bado hujui kuosha m*t*ko. Get any known jewellers of your choice kesho nitumane wapime bling zangu zote ukipata ni fake, I will give you 2m Kshs uanze kujenga nyumba ushago kwenu."


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