Tanzanian president's official seat causes uproar online

The head of state had gone to condole with the ex-PM who lost his son

• President Suluhu travelled with her official presidential chair to go visit former Prime Minister Mzee John Malecela

Tanzanian president Samia Suluhu trolled for carrying her presidential chair to former Prime Ministers house

Netizens are having a field day at Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu was spotted having traveled with her official presidential chair to go visit a former Tanzanian dignitary.

The Commander in Chief had traveled to Kilimani area, Dodoma to the home of former Prime Minister Mzee John Samwel Malecela to pass her condolences to him and his family following the death of his son, William Malecela (Lemutuz).

A picture of the president in the living room of Mzee John Samwel was shared online on Tanzania’s State House official Twitter handle showing H.E Samia having a moment with the bereaved family.

In the picture, Mzee John and his wife could be seen seated in their plush brown sofa seats opposite their president.

What caught the eye of netizens was the fact that the Tanzanian Head of State was seen in a seat that didn't go with the brown colour scheme of the Malecela's house.

Taking a closer look, one could quickly tell H.E Suluhu was seated on her official Presidential seat which stuck out in their living room of the Malecela's house.

It seems space had been created inside the former Prime Minister's living room so that the President's seat could easily be accommodated.

Tanzanian netizens couldn't pass the opportunity to mock their president as they found it absurd to carry the seat to someone's house.

I mean I do get them... outside or in public functions no problem. But to a grieving couple's house? So they had to stand there and wait for the seat to be brought in and their house disorganized just to hear a "my condolence."

Below are a few comments from Twitter users calling out the president.

@AbalaKinyuaa: Rais wa Jamuhuri ya Muungano anatembea na kiti chake kila mahali? Ata kwa majumba ya watu Jameni hii ni nini sasa? (So now the President of the republic of the coalition moves around with the seat everywhere even to people's houses? Now what is this?)

@chaggaking: Hapo kaenda kumfariji au kumhoji?? Hata km n raisi ndio uende na kit cha raisi?? Kwamb mzee malecela hajui kuw n raisi?? Ndio akawawek wazee km boss anawapig kitimoto wafanyakazi???

(Have you gone to console them or interview them? Why carry the seat? Don't they know you are the president?)

@24onFour: Sema hii tabia ya kwenda kuhani msiba na kiti cha ofisi ya rais sio sawasawa. Rais samia ajue tu kwamba haendi msibani au kuhani msiba kwa sababu yeye ni rais... Anakwenda kwa sababu yeye ni mtu mwenye utu kama wengine. Hii picha imeongea mengi sana.

The late Lemutuz died at Mnazi Mmoja Hospital in Dar es Salaam after he suddenly fell sick. He is survived by his wife and two children.

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