Charlene Ruto has a beehive called 'Bottom Up'

The first daughter not only imitates her father's footsteps in politics but also in agriculture.

Piece by: Moses Sagwe

• Charlene has become the most visible member among the president's children.

Charlene Ruto.
Image: Instagram

The nation's first daughter Charlene Ruto is following in her father's footsteps as far as becoming a farmer goes.

Charlene last weekend revealed that she is a professional beekeeper for commercial honey production.

The mom of one uploaded a bunch of photos and videos while at their bee farm in Eldoret, Uasin Gishi county where she was wearing a full bee cover to protect herself from bee stings.

"I missed my bees and I decided to go back home to Eldoret, Uasin Gishu County and I decided to visit the farm last weekend," the first daughter of the nation said.

However, what scared many was to see one hive that had a 'Bottom Up' written on it, a special statement that her father used a lot in his manifesto during the presidential campaign last year.

Charlene, however, did not hesitate to give a reason for calling the hive by that name.

"While we were inspecting the hives, we found out that some bees had invaded the hive which was upside down and started making honeycombs.

We turned the hive upside down, harvested the existing honey and named it 'Bottom Up' for easy monitoring of its progress,” Charlene explained.

The president's daughter used the opportunity to advise the people that the issue of beekeeping is a social issue and everyone can embrace it to develop themselves.

"Beekeeping is a community activity because we help each other in facilitating better conditions for bees, selling our honey and promoting each other in our skills," she said.

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