Ruto: I'm not ready for handshake talks

The President said his focus is on serving Kenyans.


• The President said he has no time for talks about sharing positions of power.

• Azimio leader Raila Odinga has said he is not after the handshake.

President William Ruto.
Image: PSCU

President William Ruto has maintained that he will not yield to what he termed as a demands by the opposition to share  positions.

The President, who spoke in Meru on Saturday, said he has no time for leaders looking for power through the backdoor.

In a swipe at Azimio leader Raila Odinga, Ruto said  Kenyans made their choice on the leadership they wanted during the August 9 General Election

The President said some politicians are yet to accept that elections are over and that it is time to serve the people of Kenya.

''It is not possible that seven months after elections we still want to take Kenyans back to leadership positions,'' Ruto said.

'' I want to say that I will not be available for such a plan on leadership positions, my work now is  that I have a job by these Kenyans to plan for their hospitals and roads.''

Raila has, however, insisted that he is not after a handshake - a term used to refer to power-sharing-saying he is pursuing a just cause for the good of Kenyans.

He has picked seven representatives to join the Kenya Kwanza team for talks on a wide range of issues including electoral reforms.

''I have no time for talks on positions that will be done by others,'' he said.

The President said street protests will not offer solutions to anything including the high cost of living.

''Putting Sufurias on the head will not solve anything, lets go back to our farms,'' he said.

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