• Kibe and Jalang'o discussed various issues ranging from their friendship, professional politics, the state of the nation among other topics.

Andrew Kibe with Jalang'o in the past.
Image: Courtesy

On Wednesday, entertainer Andrew Kibe and Lang'ata Member of Parliament Phelix Odiwour popularly known as Jalang'o had a live chat online.

The two discussed various issues ranging from their friendship, their professions, politics, the state of the nation among many other topics.

In that conversation, Jalang'o was very open revealing to the entertainer the reason why he failed to grab the Lang'ata parliamentary seat which he currently occupies during his attempt in 2013.

"I asked why you lost the vote. They said your Lang'ata is in TNA, Onyonka, and those areas," he told Kibe.

The first-term member of parliament pointed out that Kibe does not have a good understanding of all the streets in the Lang'ata constituency and he failed because he did not visit different neighborhoods to ask for votes.

"Those votes are there for the village. You were campaigning for the bar," Jalang'o told the entertainer.

Kibe, for his part, congratulated the ODM MP for his victory in last year's general election. However, he admitted that he celebrated a lot when rumours emerged that the former broadcaster had failed to clinch the seat in his first attempt during the early stages of the counting process.

"First you knew that I laughed at you in the morning when I heard you lost. Brother, I fell down here. You would have seen me. I had celebrated that Jalas had failed," Kibe told the MP.

Jalang'o said he watched the video of the entertainer celebrating his loss and just ignored it, wishing he was also at the counting station to witness what was going on in the field.

Last month, Kibe said he was ready for the Lang'ata parliamentary seat before his dream was destroyed on election day.

"I was very ready. I got, if I'm not mistaken, maybe 1400. What can you do with 1400 for any currency," he said.

Watch the interview below;

In the video, the entertainer showed some of the campaign posters he used to promote himself a decade ago.

He also showed his UDF nomination certificate which authorized him to contest for the Lang'ata parliamentary seat on the party's ticket.

"Please, before you speak to me. Put respect on my name. This is the day I was going to collect my certificate from IEBC," Kibe said about the photo that showed him wearing a suit and a UDF clothes.

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