Dorcas Rigathi: "I pray for DP more than any other man"

She refers to Gachagua as a blessed man

• The wife of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, says her prayers has made him successful.

• She went on to refer to the second in command as a blessed man.

Dorcas Rigathi.
Image: Twitter

Pastor Dorcas Gachagua, the wife of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, says her prayers have made him successful.

In a viral video, Dorcas expressed her affection for her husband and how their love has flourished over the years. 

She went on to refer to the second in command as a blessed man.

"I pray for him more than any other man. Whoever has been having any doubt that I pray for him, he cannot be where he is without prayers," Pastor Dorcas said.

She said being a prayerful wife helped her husband to become the Deputy President during the August 9 general elections last year.

According to Pastor Dorcas, her husband is protected because of her prayers.

"He cannot be who he is and protected the way he is without prayers. Whoever has been asking me to pray more for him, I can tell you he is prayed for and he is protected," she said.

Speaking to a congregation at a Nairobi church, she also confessed her love for her husband, calling him the choice of her heart in the love arena.

"And I love him. I love that man, and I stand with him, I pray for him,” she insisted.

During his 58th birthday last month, she sweetly celebrated her husband on his birthday and described him as the best husband and father to her children.

Dorcas and her children memorialised the family's patriarch with an early morning cake in their home.

In her sweet post, pastor Dorcas and her sons Kelvin and Keith were seen celebrating their dad with a cake. In one of the photos, she is seen feeding her husband.

"Today we celebrate a hero, the best husband and a father per extraordinary. With much love, we blow you H.E Rigathi Gachagua, our family Kisses and hugs, and many prayers for a long and happy life," she said.


"We wish you a very happy birthday; we speak life to you and declare you shall surely age gracefully and in very good health. Once again, Happy birthday, Your Excellency the one and only Riggy G. An extremely happy New Year and New Day," she said.

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