Dorcas Rigathi's new nickname is so catchy!

The DP's wife had asked Kenyans to give her a nickname

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• KOT have dubbed Dorcas, 'Rigathress'.

• There's a reason for the unique nickname.

chats with his wife Dorcas
Rigathi Gachagua chats with his wife Dorcas
Image: Twitter

The creativity of KOT has once again revealed itself. The wife of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has landed a nickname from the infamous Kenyans on Twitter. She has been dubbed Rigathress.

The name appeared online on Tuesday, March 7. Dorcas and her husband Gachagua have been trending the last couple of days all because he revealed how much money he gives his spouse, as an allowance to go to the salon.

Speaking during the launch of the Women Enterprise Fund at KICC, Gachagua called on men to make sure their wives look good.

Gachagua added that men should look for calm women to marry as his wife is content with Sh3000 to make her hair.

“We like to see women glowing…as a man you should give your woman some money Sh3000 without asking too many questions.

“Look at Pastor Dorcas, I have done my part…it is also important to look for a calm woman. I am so lucky I married a pastor who does not have so many needs. I give her Sh3000 and she is content,” he said.

Adding: “Women should only cover their heads during religious ceremonies in church. On other days they should be pampered, put in hair dryers and style their hair.”

A few days later, he corrected men who felt that he was pressuring them to give their women a lifestyle they can't afford.

His wife Dorcas is in New York with other Kenyan leaders attending the UN General Assembly forum.

dorcas rigathi at the UN General Assembly in New York March 7
dorcas rigathi at the UN General Assembly in New York March 7

Her appearance at the Government delegation has elicited a sharp reaction. One creative Kenyan commented that she is Rigathress.

All manner of jokes has been made about her appearance at the UN.

The mother of two boys has been speaking passionately about the challenges men face in Kenyan society. She got so emotional, she shed tears.

"Gender equality cannot be achieved by only focusing on women and girls to the exclusion of the male gender. We can attain more through the involvement of men and boys," she told on March 4.

Here are some comments:

@wanjiku_lm Kama hajaqahi toka Kenya kwenda US. People should accept that these posts come with a lot of goodies, and since she is advantaged by the fact that her husband is the second highest in command, let her enjoy it while it lasts.

@YugeZero Hopefully, 'Rigathress' was coined by Ivy Chelimo's boyfriend,.....over to u Dorcas, patia huyu kijana kazi

@rbmuthoni Mama prayers asked for a nickname, she got it. She should bring her prayers back here, this is where we pray, sit and wait for miracles.

@FRNjeru MbayaThe last person to coin a nickname for the DP got a government job. If you can't beat them join them.

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