Oparanya to Raila: I'm done with you

The ODM deputy Party leader accused his boss of betrayal.

Piece by: James Mbaka

The ex-Kakamega governor has been a key ODM linchpin in Western Kenya.
The move could jolt Raila's in his efforts to consolidate the Luyha nation. 

Raila Odinga with Wycliffe Oparanya.
Image: The-Star

Wycliffe Oparanya the former Kakamega governor has said he has no business with opposition leader Raila Odinga again.

The latest move could be a political disaster for Raila who has previously banked on Oparanya to galvanise the Luyha community.

Oparanya, who is Raila's deputy in ODM, said he will henceforth focus on rallying for the unity of the Luyha community.

After supporting Raila five times in vain, Oparanya said, it is time for the Luyha community to chart its own political path ahead of the 2027 polls.

“I am offering myself from now to lead the unity drive of our people. I am done with Raila and even if he bad-mouths me, God forbid, he knows, he will not be forgiven,” Oparanya said.

Oparanya, who led the Azimio presidential campaigns in Western Kenya, accused Raila of political betrayal.

He, however, did not indicate whether or not he will quit ODM.

He said the region's support and endorsement of Raila for decades has not counted in the sharing of election spoils.

For instance, Oparanya wondered why  the Luyha community could not be given even a single slot in the East African Legislative Assembly.

“The result of that vote is that all other big tribes but the Luhya sent an MP to EALA,” he said on Tuesday during a funeral in Ichinga village, Mumias East.

He attended the funeral of Nominated MCA Phaustine Welimo.

The governor was pushing for former Shinyalu MP Justus Kizito in the EALA elections but the politician was defeated in Parliament.

  “I was pushing for Kizito Justus to go to EA LA but MPs were grumbling that Kizito had no money. I was wondering that MPs must also be bribed to vote,” he charged.

Oparanya's signal adds salt to injury after a section of Luyha MPs on Tuesday accused Raila of betrayal in the sharing of minority slots in Parliament.

They claimed Raila excluded the community from the Parliamentary Service Commission as well as minority leadership positions.

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