7 lovely facts about Martha Karua on her 65th birthday

Martha Karua turns 65 years old September 22

• Martha Karua has thanked God for her milestone.

• Here are her most memorable moments on her 65th birthday.

The former Justice Minister has been the top trend on Twitter today
Azimio la umoja one coalition running mate Martha Karua. The former Justice Minister has been the top trend on Twitter today
Image: The-Star

Kenyans have taken to social media to wish former Azimio party running mate, Martha Karua a happy birthday. Martha is now 65 and loving every moment of it.

The NARC Kenya politician said as much on her Twitter page where she wrote;

Some fascinating facts about Martha Karua are below;

1. She is outspoken, and will speak her truth even if it elicits sharp reactions.

This was something many people witnessed during her deputy president debate with Rigathi Gachagua.

The two went back and forth on different matters with none giving an inch to the other.

2. Karua is a loving grandma.

We got evidence of this when during the Running Mate debate at CUEA, the politician turned up with her cute grandkids.

Martha introduced them to TV viewers as they gushed over their popular grandma.

3. She is very hardworking.

Her family told the media in May this year that she is aggressive. Speaking to the media hours after she was announced as the running mate for Raila Odinga.

Her mom Josephine Wanjiru termed her as obedient, humble and hardworking when she was growing up.

"She was polite, very active and very hardworking in her studies. She never used to follow other people. People see her as tough, but it is her stand. She does not choose evil, and that has been her principle since her childhood," Wanjiru said.

4. Martha takes her role with women's issues very seriously.

5. Martha maintained her look of having straight hair for the longest time until 2021 when she unveiled a new look. She has been spotting locs that many young girls love.

6. She does not condone corruption.

Her anti-corruption stance iss something she always tells Kenyans she will not spare anyone, and  that she will put an end to this practice. She truly believes a Raila Karua team will fight corruption.

7. Her fashion has also changed as she has now adopted wearing vitenges.

Early in her political career, Martha preferred wearing Western style skirt suits and pant suits but now she has adopted a more African look.

The politician is celebrating her 65th birthday today
Martha Karua The politician is celebrating her 65th birthday today
Image: The-Star

Ever since Martha Karua's unveiling as Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya coalition party presidential running mate, her vitenges got the attention of Kenyans.

Her new look has since excited fans with many agreeing that she does look great.

Karua shard her plug for kitenges, revealing that Flo Masinde who has a shop within Nairobi Central Business District has been her longtime tailor.

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