Life after politics: Careers politicians who lost can engage in

Losing a political seat is not easy to swallow due to the time and finances invested.

• Some of the people who lost seats had taken up loans to finance their political bid.

• Some had also resigned from their jobs hence rendering them jobless.

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Politicians who lost in the recent elections include; Waihiga Mwaure, the Agano party presidential candidate, Bahati, Nick Salat, Moses Kuria, MC Jessy, George Theuri, Anita Soina, Cliff Ombeta, Margaret Wanjiru, and Millicent Omanga among others.

They are some who have also refused to concede. They are;

Former Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero has however refused to concede to Gladys Wanga and has said that he will challenge it in court.

Moses Kuria's brother Aloise Kinyanjui has also refused to concede. Aspiring Kiambu governor, Jungle has also refused to concede after Wamatangi was declared the winner over the weekend.

With the 2022 election almost over we take a look at some careers the failed contestants can now engage in. They are below;


Veteran politicians who lost can consider being consultants to first-time politicians. They can help them navigate these murky waters for a fee.


Farming is one thing that failed politicians can keep themselves busy with. Farming can either be large-scale or small-scale. What is important is that it earns you money at the end of the day and keeps you doing something.

Self-employment/ employment

If capable enough aspiring politicians who failed can consider starting up businesses.

If one is not good at running a business they can consider getting employed, what matter is that the mullah keeps flowing in.

Given one no longer has a salary at the end of the month, it is important to make sure you have a source of income.

Become a tourist

Being a politician means having a very busy schedule. One rarely has time to seat back and unwind.

Instead of focusing on your loss, one can take advantage of the free time to tour the country and promote local tourism.

Mpenzi mtazamaji

If you have the time and the resources you can just chill and wait for the next election, as they meditate and strategize on how to actually win.

Try and get a job as an analyst on TV

They can become analysts/commentators on political shows and give their expertise. 

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