Former President Daniel Moi will tomorrow be buried at his Kabarak home, almost two weeks after his death amidst a long battle with  failing health.

For a man who was the Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces, Moi had a soft spot for the disciplined forces.

Having led them for 24 years.

Mbegu Safi: Meet former President Moi’s sons and daughters – Photos

Daniel Moi

Their respect for him has been portrayed these last days as they diligently watched over his body, waiting by the roadside to bid him farewell.

They carried his body to and from the morgue, dug his grave as they await tomorrow. Moi’s State funeral services reads like a scene from a movie.

Below are the colorful photos of them paying their last respects.

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Moi’s body


Why Moi’s body will be moved for two hours plus between Lee funeral and Nyayo stadium


Moi casket being carried.

Why your car will be impounded till next week if caught over taking during Moi’s burial


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