Kate Actress
Kate Actress
Kenyan actress Kate Actress has opened on the struggles she went through in the past before she became a big name in the entertainment industry.
According to Kate, there were days she had to stand in matatus just to save some extra cash.

‘@chriskirwa this story (check his post ) took me way back . reminded me of my awesome cousin @jacqytina and I in Maringo estate in our ka bed sitter , we were famous without much , people laughed , and mocked us ‘in our faces , ati , “kwani Hawa hawananga pesa “ tukiwa tumesimama kwa mat to save money for that days dinner 😔

Mungu ni nani ? God opened doors for us eventually after many years , God you are faithful 😭🙏🏿guys , Please be kind.

‘Sorry for failing you, we were fighting our own demons,’ Churchill comedian Karis apologizes to the late Kasee

Chris Kirwa
Chris Kirwa

Our jobs and talents may make us famous but trust me , we are all not living that good life.

Shout out to my fellow hardworking artistes out there struggling to make it , please don’t give up , and I pray that the universe conspires in your favour SOON , your story will be told 🙏🏿.’


Kate Actress, Chris Kirwa and Jaxqy Tina have made their names in the industry but it has not been an easy journey.

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