Jacqueline Nyaminde alias Wilbroda has said that Beatrice Andega, Papa Shirandula’s official wife knew about their ‘relationship’.

This, she revealed during the funeral service of the late thespian in Busia, as he was being laid to rest. The TV icon passed away on Saturday at Karen Hospital.

Eulogizing her TV husband, Wilbroda said,

‘I was Papa’s second wife and his legal wife knew that.

His death has shocked me a lot, he was not just a workmate but also a friend and a neighbour.

This past week we met several times on my way to work and we would chat till I almost got late for work.

It will take a long time for me to accept he has left.’

‘Even before his death, he was very happy,’ Wilbroda mourns on-screen ‘husband’ Papa Shirandula

Wilbroda assured her ‘co-wife’ that the death of their husband does not signify an end to their relationship adding she will still be visiting.

 ‘Your family will be in my thoughts because your kids are also friends to my son.

There is a time I came with my son to see you and it’s sad that we are meeting again under such circumstances.’

I have been thinking of all the things we have achieved this month,Talking, eating together.

This month we have done and achieved so many things . It’s like God knew he would take him.

I am so sorry for your loss.’ She concluded


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