Gospel star Papa Dennis was found lying lifeless in Pangani in February 7, 2020.

A postmortem exam conducted by Dr Josph Ngung’u reveals that Papa Dennis died as a result of deceleration.

According to Mash Mjukuu, the owner of Nairobi Records where the singer was seen last before his death, the postmortem report cannot tell whether the cause was suicidal or foul play.

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Papa DennisThe cause of his death is still being investigated by the DCI. Papa Dennis’ brother opened up in an interview with Masawe Japanni about the last moments with the artiste.

“We were in the studio when he left. We don’t know what happened. I’m still waiting for DCI to let us know. My brother was killed. Based on the postmortem, he did not fall.”

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Papa Dennis
Papa Dennis

The star’s twin brother, Papa Simon also pointed out that,

“There are many inconsistencies on if he fell from a 7th floor of the building or the 4th floor of the building.”

He added,

“Also we were shown how a person who has fallen from the second floor of a building looks like and if you compare that with hos Papa Dennis looked on the night he passed on, they don’t match.”

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Papa DennisPapa Simon then continued,

“When we were called and told to go check and see what happened on the night, Papa Dennis was lying peacefully like he was asleep. When we rushed to the scene, he was still breathing, but he was bleeding from the nose.”

Asked if he managed to talk to him for the last time before he passed on, Papa Simon said,

“He couldn’t talk. I held him and when the ambulance was called, it took long, by the time they came, he was dead.”



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