Rev Peter Kaniah

Reverend Peter Kaniah Kariuki of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA), who died on July 26 at the Nairobi hospital while receiving treatment for complications related to Covid-19, will be laid to rest today.

He has left behind a widow Nelius Wanjiru and three children Lydia, Kenneth, and Joe and a granddaughter.


Rev Peter Kaniah
PCEA Reverend Peter Kaniah

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Family and friends have paid glowing tributes to the reverend, remembering him as a great servant of God.

“Sadly, life has put me in a place where I have to do this when I was not ready for it. Where do I even begin and still coming to terms with all this… So, on your birthday I wrote him a letter and He promised when he returned from the hospital, we would read it together. But God had planned it differently. So today I will read my letter to the most amazing father and the newest angel heaven has received

“Among the many things I loved and admired about dad are: That he was kind, thoughtful and very helpful words of wisdom and advice! He had a wonderful and infectious sense of humor; His commitment and loyalty; Constant attitude of contentment, gratitude, being joyful, and choosing joy; The work ethic and diligence in life; His love for God and all the time seeking to please God; His kindness, generosity, and humility; The love for learning, and perseverance; His respect for others, respect for diverse beliefs, and for different ways of life. Dad’s love for life and living in the ways that pleased God. 

These are all attributes I pray I can continually develop in my own life too – to edify myself, edify others, ultimately honoring and glorifying God! So help me God, Amen.

I would have said Happy Birthday Dearest Daddy, but death knocked on our door and took him away too soon. I will always love dad and treasure him.

I would not be wrong to call him my first love for it was him that God chose to be my father and the first man I met when I was born. We were so blessed to have him and have also learned a lot from him.

Dad has always been a blessing to me, to my mother, to my brothers, to your granddaughter, and to many others all around the world.

You have always been a wonderful example to us – He was such a joyful, positive, and content person!

While I hope you never have to experience such a life-altering loss, the truth is, we all will. Death is a part of life. And once it strikes someone you so dearly love; your existence will never be the same.

I know the pain of losing my Dad will perhaps never leave me. I imagine it will ease with time as I process and get through it, but I don’t think I will get over it.

How can I? How can you get over a person who has been there since before you were even aware of yourself? 

What is the measure of a man? Is it the amount of money he has? The possessions he owns and the power he holds?

Is it the professional success he’s achieved over the years? It is not any of these things. The true measure of a man is how much love he gives; how selflessly he shares whatever he can to help others; how consistently he lifts up those around him with a kind word, a funny joke, a compliment, a humble ear… By this measure, my Dad was immeasurable. 

Dad made an impact on every person he met, even strangers (who did not stay strangers very long because he was just so friendly). The love my Dad spread on this Earth continues to grow and will live on, and that is the ultimate measure of any human being.

As I write this, am crushed, broken and I do not how to walk into this new life that begins today, I got so many unanswered questions, so many wishes and hopes. It is clear this is no longer a dream.

In our last conversation, dad asked me to take care of my grandmother and your granddaughter; I promise that as long as I have breath, I will be there for them and love them as he did. Heaven is blessed it has gained.

To My angel watch over us always. Till we meet again. Rest in Peace. I love you, Dad. Now and forevermore”‘, read a tribute by his daughter Njeri.

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Rev Kaniah was instrumental in the establishment of Kirk TV just before the outbreak of Covid-19, which has become an essential tool of evangelism and pastoral care.

When crisis engulfed the nation such as the Solai dam tragedy, political upheavals, and currently the Covid-19 pandemic, he never shied from mobilizing the Church to give a hand.

Recently through the Adopt-a-Family programme, he spearheaded feeding of more than 32,000 families affected by the pandemic.

The outgoing Secretary-General of PCEA died aged 55.

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