This world is full of inhumane acts. One of which was filmed and posted online. The video has gone viral. In the video, you can see a black man being stuffed into a coffin by a white man and another person films the entire scene.

The poor man is crying and looked terrified as the coffin lid is being pushed down on him to seal him in.

Online reports indicate that the individual who is getting stuffed into the coffin committed a robbery, the guy who is stuffing him (who owns the property) pushing the board down was trying to get information out of him since in South Africa the authority’s aren’t help at all.

There are those who did not see anything wrong with the video.
Nickolas Alexander Hart Lol i would nail it shut and shovel a little dirt on it to really scare him, if he robbed me.

Marquice Elmore I laughed and I’m wrong for that LMAO But can you picture us doing this to Stephon and him Yelling ????????????????????

Dewdrop Powell Hahaha yes I just died laughing.

Marquice Elmore Lmao Ian gone lie I’m still laughing my eyes are filled with tears.

Dewdrop Powell Haha yeah let’s go get him.

Check out the video.

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Here are some comments by Facebookers who were outraged by the act meted out on the man in the video.

Unious Johnson I’d have BEAT THE SHIT outta dude. Stuffed his ass in that box, drilled two eye holes in the box, after i nailed it shut, Then waited for him to gain consciousness, and slowly buried his ass alive and talk to him the entire time until he could no longer hear my voice, nor I his!! Like I said before all those days of passive blacks begging for mercy IS OVER!!! Don’t let Donald Trump fool you racist motherfuckers into thinking he’s going to bring this type of bullshit BACK!!! If anyone believes THAT your in for a VERY, VERY RUDE AWAKENING!!!

Katrina Brantley This is making me cry they go through a lot over there and that’s they land you fucking dogs.

Les Marie He probably stole because he was hungry or in need. We all know “right from wrong ” but we also know anti-Black sentiment , bigotry, and systematic racism that lead to the decision to steal if that were the case. If the white guy was so “morally upstanding” and a good Christian like most say they are: then , why not give the young man a job with a fair wage and some food. You can FORGIVE the trespass. From his reaction it makes him look like a piece of shit.

Kasongo Mweemba Chileshe This is so wrong,so saddening that such still happens.they obviously prey on those that can’t fight back

Lawrence Chileshe So many videos of these Africans being treated inhumanly. And their president doesn’t see all this. Wars don’t end overnight.

Azande Thubelihle Makatha But why aren’t good white people stopping cruel white people from treating us like this Anna? We are human beings, and this is going to be an ongoing sore even to the future generation. We tried to get over Apartheid and now these things keep happening

Jesita Reddy How do such backward minded sociopaths like this still exist ????????????????

Denise Xiao Is this a joke?? This is the most fucked up shit I’ve ever seen. Is that poor guy alive?

Desire Robinson This is ridiculous who would do this to a person. I wish I knew the story or purpose. I don’t understand why this is up for people to see like anything about this is OK

Sophie Billington Sadly it’s power exertion and cruelty and torture all rolled into one. Part of the horrendous days of apartheid. Can’t believe it’s still happening. This is beyond horrendous. The terror in that poor man in the coffins cry and face. This deserves arrests being made of the Afrikaans guy forcing him into the coffin. I’ve shared on my own fb in the hope these men get identified if it goes viral. Ashamed to be classified in the same “race group” that they Still Use to classify people here. Animals would be more appropriate.

Brandon Ishii Whether this video is fake or not doesn’t change the fact it’s disturbing. Militias, Death Squads, Terrorists all employ similar practices, and than some people do shit like this for a laugh. Fake or not the only thing this video illustrates is how far humanity has willingly thrown themselves down the shitter. Smfh.

Nina Agbele wtf South Africa. Dude some people actually found this amusing…its so messed up how some are just so heartless

Noa Garcia García Who knows if back there was another motherfucker with a gun pointing at the guy? These people are just insane, I just can’t get it, too much for me.

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