Allan Kiuna

Kenyan women will never cease to amaze me. Instead of supporting one another they are busy tearing each other apart. They can make one even commit suicide.

Adui Wa Mwanamke Ni Mwanamke Mwenzake! Kenyan Women Viciously Attack Vitimbi Actress Nyasuguta For Bleaching

After attacking Vitimbi Actress Nyasuguta for bleaching, Kenyan women on social media have not spared Reverend Kathy Kiuna of the famous city church JCC this time round.

Referred to as “Mum” by her gullible followers, Kathy Kiuna is known for her flashy lifestyle that no other preacher can afford. Her expensive home, flashy cars, expensive clothes and unique hairstyles are a clear indication that this woman of God is living large. Kathy Kiuna, also known as a globetrotter, was yesterday a topic of discussion in one of the Facebook Pages ran by women only.