Otile Brown vs Vera Sidika

Singer Otile Brown has blasted a female follower identified as Samantha Chilante, who said that his song Baby Love was popular because of Vera Sidika, who featured as a video vixen.

Vera Sidika and Otile Brown
In the past

Vera and Otile are no longer together and not so long ago, they tore each other apart on social media, revealing their secrets.

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Otile shared a video performing the hit at a club as the crowd cheered and captioned;

Their Love is pure and genuine , am humbled . Thank you 🙏 #BadMan #igotnothingbutlove.

Samantha took to the comment section to share her opinion and she said;

They were only appreciating Queen Vee in this song… Don’t even feel that you were too dumb to have mistreated her and used her that way yet her featuring in this song has always pivoted you…???…you boy kukosa masomo elimu bora balaa….ona sasa your song depends on the queen for you to get mafans.

This did not go well with Otile Brown who responded back and his message read;

@samanthachilante you and your queen issues. Me am way gone dear. It’s simple just unfollow if I disgust you or I’ll do you a favour of blocking your a**.

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