Sarah Hassan

African women are fearfully and wonderfully made. Take for example Sarah Hassan.

But unfortunately, westernization has left many women hating their natural beauty.

Most African women use makeup to enhance their beauty but not all of them look great, some end up looking like characters in horror movies; who are we to judge?

Everyone has freedom to do whatever they want.

Makeup Lazima! The Kenyan Female Celebrities Who Need MakeUp To Look Attractive

Sarah HassanFrom Kenya to West Africa to the rest of the continent, women buy these beauty-enhancing products just to look “great”.

Anyway, there are a few who still look beautiful without makeup and Sarah Hassan is one of them. Sarah Hassan‘s natural beauty cannot be compared to anything in this world.

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Below are the photos, check them out

sarah--hassan-boyfriend-3 sarah--hassan-boyfriend-3 Sarah Hassan Tanya Sarah Hassan

Sarah Hassan and her new born

Isn’t she lovely?