Ethic and Ochungulo family have become the new face of Kenyan rap, especially hardcore rap. Their fanbases are largely similar and both have been churning hit after hit.

Most of their songs have been released from the beginning of 2018 are mostly club banger’s that are lyrically explicit in nature.

The group, Ethic, posing

Ethic’s biggest song on Youtube at the moment should be ‘Lamba Lolo’; the song that made them household names but it isn’t on their channel at the moment.

More on that story below:

Wapi Lamba Lolo? Why is the music video missing from YouTube?(details inside)

That still did not stop them from releasing 3 hits after that with ‘Saba’, ‘Instagram’ and recently, Pandana’.

Ochungulo Family meanwhile entered the conversation late last year after they released the very very very catchy, ‘Na iwake’.


The popularity of the song made having a remix the logical next step with established rap group Kansoul taking part in it.

They also did another song called, the aptly named ‘Thutha’ which was also positively received from fans.

My question is this? Which group would have the better legacy at the end of each group’s tenure? Is it too soon to ask this question? Maybe… But it would be interesting to know what the public’s initial thoughts/misgivings are about the group’s collective future’s.

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