Nyashinski has had it with all the rumours swirling around about him and his wife, Ziporah ‘Zia’ Bett.

Mpasho ran a story detailing how Nyashinski will soon be a daddy.

Check it out below.

Blessings Galore! Nyashinski set to welcome first born child next month

Now, the interwebs are buzzing like crazy. To capitalize on the news, a parody Twitter account put out news of the pregnancy.

@OfficialShinski tweeted, “My wife and i expecting our first born in few weeks time. Am gonna be a daddy soon.❣️”

Responding to the news, Nyashinski who tweets on his official handle, @RealShinski, responded by throwing major shade.

He retweeted the tweet from the parody account and added,

“Clown 🤡”

Lool. Nyashinski hapendangi ujinga.

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Here are some reactions to Nyashinski’s tweet.

@iSteeveKe: 😂😂😂😂 Finally a parody that works

@Yvonne93424347: Congratulations to you two

@DancerAfri: How lucky is the child to be born in such a family♥️

@eddyjetface: 😂😂😂 you still have 2 hours to redeem yourself

@MwaniKing: But you cannot ignore the probability of him chewing your wife
Maybe they are expecting

@Brani2005: Kama ungenialika baby shower ningeshukuru.

@Danfar_: This Nyash parody is probably the hardest working parody on the internet right now.

@The_Kalebae: I thought Nyash was following 0 people this two are clowns
Monia 👽.

@moniathegoat: So you guys haven’t had sex yet?

@njambi_fever: Mwenye hakujua hiyo ni parody ako na shida 😂😂😂

@toxyk254: These accounts need to be verified otherwise tutakwambia ushikilie jug upige picha tujue who is the clown.

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