Sean Kibaki

Elodie Zone is one of the fastest-rising Youtuber in the region and one of the youngest entrepreneurs in town.

I must say her channel is both educative yet fun to watch. What is evident is the fact that she always brings her A-game to make her subscriber happy of the content she puts.

Well, just like any other young celebrity out there, Elodie has hit the headlines severally for the wrong reasons.

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Unlike them, she has gone on to speak her heart out in a recent post where she trolls those that are hating her new tattoo. Now if that doesn’t sound petty, the Youtuber has gone ahead to refer to society’s norms as ‘basic.’

She posted;

“A lot of people have been stressing me about the tattoo on my fingers. This is the same beef I had when I cut my hair.
When it comes to my YouTube videos I love filming videos that make both myself and my subscribers happy”

She continued;

“HOWEVER…when it comes to my physical appearance NOBODY can tell me what I can and cannot do.
I will not live based off “societies norms” because thats basic. I believe in art, self expression, and being yourself. BE NOBODY BUT YOU. Life is a lot more fun that way…?”

Sean Kibaki

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Elodie went viral when she was introduced as the girlfriend of Kibaki’s grandson Sean Andrew. After showing some PDA online, their relationship just as any other in the public eye did not last for long.