Diamond Platnumz vs Hamisa

Hamisa Mobetto has opened up that she was the one who dressed Diamond Platnumz during a red carpet event last weekend.

Mobetto, who owns a fashion house said the star wanted a muted hue. Nothing too showy.

Diamond came to me asking why I dress other people and not him. So he asked me to suprise him. It was a very short period of time and he liked it. When he came to the red carpet he asked whether I was happy that I he wore what I made for him.


That was very sweet of him. He always supports my work, he bought the entire outfit and I even exaggerated the pay, meaning he bought it very EXPENSIVELY.

Diamond Platnumz

Asked whether she felt bad that Wema Sepetu and Diamond took to the dance floor to dance together, Hamisa said,

I meet with Diamond Platnumz many times away from the public limelight. Its not a big deal cause me and him are family and its not a competition.

Diamond and Hamisa also shared a steamy dance session later on in the day.

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