Controversial singer Akothee says she misses her baby daddy’s who took her to court.


She once narrated her tribulations as she fought for the custody of one of her two sons whose father had moved to court.

Six months later, Akothee said she felt vindicated having struggled hard to raise her five children.

“God has done it again, he keeps doing it for the innocent ones, He fights our battles! The number of trips I made to the law courts just to fight for our safety and your rights, the number of emails back and forth between lawyers just to prove which point,” she wrote on Instagram.


Her two sons live with her other baby daddy whom she has always praised.


Sharing that she missed her two sons – Ojwang and Oyoo – who are in France on vacation, Akothee explained that Papa Oyoo was far too kind in letting her boys enjoy their vacation.


“I miss youuuu its been 3 months I didn’t’t set my eyes on my children & family @princeojwang @oyootheprince your father is a God sent Hero Otiyana ni to nyalee kabisa,
I asked him if he needed me to send him money to go for holiday with the boys in summer since they refused to come to Kenya, and he said “No mpenzi yangu you have more bills than me , I have more than enough for me and the boys , just do your things we will see you when you come to France take your time ” one word for Papa Oyoo, yule kisirani wa makotini na ma lawyer habari zake sijui, ila nimemiss vituko zake Mr M,” she wrote.

Akothee and kids