The cheerful and jovial Nadia Mukami was not all smiles as she celebrated her 24th birthday.

The reason was, Ebru TV’s Let’s Talk Hosts who trash-talked her.

The presenters of the show were digging into Nadia Mukami’s relationship status. They each gave their opinion on Nadia’s revelation of not being ready to date again.

According to one of the presenters, Ayuma, she claimed that Nadia was too young to give up on life and pointed out that the ‘Radio Love’ hitmaker was contradicting herself after posting on her social media page, on her birthday of her being ready for marriage.

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Another presenter alleged that Nadia had invested in the relationship to get cheated on.

For the African pop star as she likes to describe herself, responded to that segment on the show by claiming that the station does not like her and never said anything positive about her.

Using her hit single Maombi as a soundtrack to the Insta Story, Nadia wrote, “This station officially doesn’t like me!! They always put my name as their click bait! They never have anything positive to say about me! These women!! Eh! I have never heard them discuss any of my wins!!!! Like 1st female to hit 1m views in 4 days etc…May God judge.” 

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