Most men, or at least the ones I know, avoid taking responsibility after impregnating a lady, the nature of their relationship notwithstanding.

This means that the mothers of the ‘unfathered’ children end up raising them on their own or find a man who’s willing to assist and in extreme cases, they are dumped in orphanages

Many a times, it’s because they are afraid that they won’t get husbands because some men may see the children as excess baggage. At times it’s because life has become hard.

One woman from Mlolongo has now become the talk of the town after setting a precedent on how women should deal with dead beat baby daddies.

In a video that is doing rounds online, the woman is seen handing the baby to a man who’s believed to be his father before taking to the hills. She didn’t even look back!

Puzzled, the man looked around for a while before heading in a different direction with the baby in his hands.

According to reports, the man has been avoiding his fatherly responsibilities since the lady gave birth. As such, she was left with no option but to force him to care for his child.

Here’s the video:

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