Femi One is making it to the Team Mafisi list of the most sexy lasses. Thanks to her make-up artiste.

The rapper has been flirting around with different men on social media. From having a cosy moment with the ever sexy Kagwe Mungai to showing Kenya’s celebrated actor Pascal Tokodi her goodie goodie boobs.

All that was done in a day!

The lass who of late has been driving city boys crazy recently made Tanzania’s Muziki hit maker Ben Pol go kookoo over her. Perhaps he was fantasizing about how he would tell her but took to social media to simply say:

“Femi One Is Not.”

Yes, she is hot, look at this photo. The make-up is so on fleek and on point combined. You would confuse her for a doll.

femi one

From Mwanaisha Chidzuga To Femi One: 7 Kenyan Female Celebs Who Need Make-Up To look Attractive

Lets now throw it back to the time when Femi was doing her own make-up. There was nothing to write home about. This was a round the time when she was starting out in the entertainment career.


Where did the tint go? Truly, truly, they say, ‘Pesa ni sabuni.’

Now that she has her face beat, professionally, the bees are being drawn towards this lil honey.

  1. Femi One getting cosy with Kagwe Mungai

femi one 1

2. Pacal Tokodi looking at her womanly-mini-mountains.


In a past interview with Mpasho it will be remembered that she said Timmy Tdat looks like he could really be very good in bed.

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