Governor Mwangaza speaks on links to Sniper's murder

Piece by: Denis Dibondo

• Mwangaza who spoke at the Meru Governor's residence in Meru on Friday said the time had come to take on her nemesis head-on.

Vincent Mureithi Kirimi Alias Supuu and Murangiri Kenneth Guantai Alias Tali were arraigned January 19 2024 before the High Court in Kiambu in connection with the murder of Meru blogger Daniel Muthiani Bernard Alias Sniper.

Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza has vowed to take legal action against those who linked her to the murder of Daniel Muthiani Bernard alias Sniper.

Mwangaza said she had been quiet for some time watching a group of people mudslinging her because she was waiting for the DCI to conclude a probe into the matter.

"We decided to keep quiet as a family and let the investigators do their work. The DCI has now concluded the investigation and has charged two people and we did not interfere. Now it is our time to play the ball to respond and say what we know," she said.

Mwangaza who spoke at the Meru Governor's residence in Meru on Friday said the time had come to take on her nemesis head-on.

The county boss said she would go to court to clear her name and also sue those who have defamed her.   

"As the Governor, those who have linked me to murder by mentioning my two names, I will face you in court. I want damages. I must be paid," She said.

"I will not accept that nonsense again. Today I am set and ready to face them. I have kept quiet enough but for now, it is a head-on collision."

She said the arrest and arraignment of his brother were politically motivated to link her to the murder.

"My family was not involved and will never be involved in such acts and even God knows," the county boss said.

"We have heard some people saying that the probe was not be concluded without touching a governor's family member. Now you have one, we will face each other in court until the truth is out."

She was accompanied by Meru First Gentlemen Murega Baichu.

"As the Governor of Meru, I need justice as a mother and leader. I need justice for my family and Justice for Sniper," she added.

Murega echoed Mwangaza's sentiments that they were not involved in the Murder of Muthiani.

Murega said that in the requiem mass and rallies seeking Justice for Sniper, Mwangaza has been labelled as being a murderer and being involved in the killing of the activist.

"So many MPS and MCAS were saying that Sniper was killed in the residence without any proof. We knew there was a plot to muddle our names but we did not respond."

Mwangaza denied any involvement in the murder saying the ongoing inquest to nail the culprits involved in the murder has now been politicised.

"I want to ask which governor is that stupid to call someone and kill him in the governor's residence,"  she said.

She went on to ask why the DCI took about a month to search the residence if she was involved.

"Up to today they have not yet revealed what they found in the residence and I am asking them to make the findings public," Mwangaza said.

Mwangaza said she also has a constitutional right and wants the inquest to be made public.

"They took my phone and that of my son and that of my cook and other workers. We want to know what did they find from them?" Mwangaza said.

Mwangaza said that she wants to protect the integrity of her office and therefore all the findings of investigations should be made public.

"I want them to be updating every detail they took of my phone after a court order. I want the public to be told what they find. The investigation is full of politics and witch hunts," Mwangaza said.

She accused the DCI of being given "political pressure'.

Mwangaza said that some of his political opponents called the deceased before he died but they have not yet been called for questioning by the DCI.

"We have a lot of information that the person who was mostly calling the deceased was sent money by my political rival via Mpesa," Mwangaza said.

"That day that person called the deceased more than 15 times. This person was not questioned by the DCI."

Mwangaza said that the people she trounced in  2022 have not yet accepted they lost and she dared them in 2027.

"They were targeting either myself, the First Gentleman or my sister Miriam," Mwangaza said.

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