Mwangaza speaks on murder of popular Meru blogger, Sniper


• "Wamejaribu impeachment na cases wameshindwa, wamekuja na njia nyingine."

Kawira Mwangaza.
Image: Handout

Governor Kawira Mwangaza of Meru has spoken out on the killing of blogger Daniel Muthiani, also known as Sniper.

Mwangaza, who was speaking at her church on Sunday, claimed in a video obtained by the Star that her adversaries have now come up with a fresh strategy to harm her.

She claimed that attempts at impeachment, legal actions, and a smear campaign against her have all failed. The governor announced that they had devised a new plan and intended to use the word murder.

Mwangaza emphasised that everything will return to those who planned it all and that her hands are clean.

"Wamekuja na njia nyingine. Wamejaribu impeachment wameshindwa, wamejaribu cases wameshindwa, wamejaribu kututoa uhai wameshindwa, wamejaribu kutuharibia jina wameshindwa. Wamekuja na ingine ya juzi. Nataka kutangaza nikiwa Bishop wenu, maana mikono ya Bishop wenu ni misafi. Wanataka kuweka jina murder na tunatangaza kwamba wenye wamepanga kanisa ichafuliwe simama turudishe kwao," she said.

This loosely translates to, "They have come with another way. They tried impeachment, cases, to kill us and even spoil our name but failed. They recently came with another and I want to announce to you as your Bishop because my hands are clean. They want to include the name murder and we announce that those who planned a smear campaign against the church will go back to them."

Before his death was found on December 16, Sniper vanished on December 2.

Sniper died of strangling, according to an autopsy performed on Friday at the Marimanti Level 4 Hospital Mortuary by government pathologist Johansen Oduor.

In addition, he had injuries on his skull and broken ribs, which suggested that he had been strangled before being thrown into a river.

Since his body had already decayed, officials collected DNA samples to verify he was the one.

There were doubts about whether he was so subdued that he was unable to protect himself after the body's inspection revealed no injuries consistent with defense.

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