John Matara started criminal activities at an apartment near Kenyatta University

• Matara is the main suspect in the murder of Pst Kanyari's sister Starlet Wahu.

• She was murdered at a house in South B.

John Matara
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It has now emerged that John Matara, the suspect in the murder of Starlet Wahu targeted female students from KU in early 2023.

In an interview with Citizen TV,  caretaker on apartments near KU shared how he once had to intervene after Matara,'kidnapped' a student who had come visiting

'He would exchange girls everyday. He rarely left his residence. I later came to learn he met the women via dating sites.

In March 2023, he brought a girl who was a student, she came visiting but he locked her up.

The next day she couldn't leave the house.

When I managed to get into the house, I found a knife and I helped her get her stuff and leave.

The woman had been sodomized and threatened with death."

The caretaker revealed that at some kicked out in August 2023.



The late Starlet Wahu's body was discovered on Thursday morning in the fourth-floor room of Papino Apartments located in South B.

This was after a security guard reported seeing the suspect, John Matara, fleeing the scene. In their statement on Sunday evening, the DCI confirmed that the 34-year-old suspect is currently in the hands of the police and the investigation into the murder is ongoing.

Detectives urged other survivors of the suspect's schemes to come forward and report their plight.

"While the investigation into the brutal murder of 26-year-old socialite Starlet Wahu Mwangi continues while the main suspect John Matara is in police custody, the DCI appeals to victims and survivors of the suspect's hostility to report their plight to the Criminal Investigation Bureau of Nairobi Area or the nearest police station," the DCI said in a statement.

DCI reported that Matara was detained at the Industrial Area Police Station after his arrest at Mbagathi Hospital in Nairobi where he was seeking treatment for minor injuries to his arm and leg.

He was arrested together with his 25-year-old friend, Anthony Nyongesa, who was helping him at the hospital.

Detectives claimed the suspect was a sexual predator who may be part of a gang targeting women on dating sites.

Over 10 cases have so far been reporting in different places, more cases being compiled.

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