Disturbing details emerge about John Matara and Kajiado politician

• The man is the prime suspect in the murder of Victor Kanyari's younger sister, Starlet Wahu.

John Matara

Fresh details are now emerging that there is a possible link between a Kajiado politician and the prime suspect in the murder of socialite Starlet Wahu.

This is according to a report carried by NTV which disclosed that the politician had been accused of luring women with the promise of paying them between Ksh15,000 and Ksh25,000 for a steamy night before robbing them of their electronics, money, and sex.

The report then went on to add that once the politician steals from his victims, Matara then allegedly acts as his taxi driver before whisking him away from the scene of the crime.

Other details emerging are that Matara had allegedly assembled a small team of men and women who blackmailed men seeking sexual favours in Nairobi suburbs.

One particular woman who works as an escort also confided that Matara had allegedly posed as different, unsuspecting persons to trick even the most aware targets.

"It's funny that in one of the incidents you might think that John Matara was a husband pretending that he caught someone with his wife. In another incident, he was a getaway taxi driver," she narrated.

An example of this was when Matara and another man accosted a Nigerian national accusing him of having an affair with his wife, after which the West African was beaten and then robbed.

"A Nigerian was done for bad things, there are women who are on Badoo who are pretending to be good people booking Airbnbs and telling them that it is their house. The Nigerian will go and visit knowing that it is the woman's house, and when he gets there, she calls a group of men to the Airbnb...this isn't her house.

They arrive and attack him and while choking him, they demand his mobile money PIN and fearing for your life, you give it out. They take all your money and use it for themselves," an Airbnb operator narrated one of the chilling encounters.

The Nigerian national was then locked up by Matara and the women after they moved Ksh29,000 from his phone to a number that belonged to someone else. Numerous victims have since testified to have seen this same approach used in the wake of Wahu's murder.

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