Kwambox- I grew up thinking my dad was a magician


• Many parents say that they lie in order to protect their children. Has your parent ever lied to you, and you found out it wasn't protection?

Kwambox and Chito
Image: Facebook Kiss 100

The Morning conversation on Morning Kiss  was based on what lie parents told us as kids.

Parents always lie to their children one way or the other in order to protect them or explain things that are hard to do in an easier manner.

Passing your examination in order to get a gift in return was one of the most common lies among all parents.

They used this method so that the children could work hard and get good grades.

Kwambox narrates how she got trust issues from her father's lies. She says that her father used to lie mostly when the lights went out and made her think that he was a magician.

"My dad lied to me when the lights were out, and he told me that he could switch on the TV with a candle. He told me to close my eyes and count to five then the lights TV switched on and that's how I grew up knowing that he was a magician."

Chito: My parents told me that shades are for thugs, and that's how I ended up not having to wear shades while growing up.

I mean whose parent never lied. My parents also lied to me, my mum used to tell me that she would not punish me when I made a mistake, and I ended up being flogged.

Here are some of the lies that parents have told Kiss FM listeners as they were growing up.

Caller: My family told me that you can't share a chicken gizzard with anyone because you will have a conflict with the person you shared it with.

Antel Vienna: I used to have dreads, after sem imeisha nikaenda nazo home,weeee Sema mum kuchochwa na Pastor Ezekiel eti sijui I won't get married weeeee,,,,nikatoa my dreads juu ata ndo zilikua zimeanza kushika bana.

King King:Ati nikikaa chini y mti kukinyesha mti itafunguka kisha inimeze inibonde

Clement Cheruyot: Children are dropped from the sky and they'll go search in the forest for them. 

Peter Sos: Ati watu wakona dredi ni mungikiCall me Mungiki I sue you. 

Cate Cathy: Ati when a girl whistles at night ..she will never get Mimi hapa am married to a muzungu man.

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