Man found guilty of beheading friend over Sh1k quarrel

A judgment delivered on June 21 found that the accused participated in the deceased death.


• The judge noted that the evidence by the prosecution witnesses clearly placed him at the scene of the crime.

Crime Scene
Image: Courtesy

A Nakuru man who was accused of murdering a friend after a dispute over Sh1000 has been convicted guilty of the crime.

Sangau Njige Ledemu Neshami's murder by beheading was allegedly committed by Ole Ponoto in Gilgil, Nakuru County, in 2020.

The prosecution called five witnesses to support its case against the defendant after the accused disputed the allegation.

According to a ruling made on June 21 by Justice Hillary Chemitei, the defendant was involved in the victim's death.

The prosecutor's witnesses' testimony, the judge observed, had amply established his presence at the crime scene.

The court added that the blame the defendant laid on his accomplice Sapuki was obviously unwarranted because he is no longer "with us to explain his part."

"Consequently, the accused is hereby convicted for the murder of the deceased under the provisions of Section 215 as read with Section 322 of the Criminal Procedure Code", the judge ruled.

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