Form 4 student admits to murder of 17-year-old girl in Naivasha

The suspect even offered and joined in the search of the missing girl


• He then hid her body in his room until late in the night, dragged and dumped it on the roadside.

• The suspect told police he went back to his mother’s house and slept until the following day.

Brenda Bosibori, 17 whose body was found on roadside in Naivasha after murder on July 2, 2023
Image: Courtesy

A form four student is being detained by detectives in connection with the death of a teenage girl, whose body was discovered discarded by the side of the road in Naivasha.

Police reported that the suspect had admitted to killing 17-year-old Brenda Bosibori, whose body was found on July 2 in the Karagita area.

The body had shoelaces tied around the legs, a thin wire around the neck, and a deep cut on the head.

When police arrived and took the body away from the scene, blood was also dripping from her mouth and ears.

A short while later, the suspect went to the neighbourhood police station to admit to the murder. According to authorities, he had walked to the station to report the murder.

He claimed to have picked up the dead from her parents' house, taken her to his, then locked her in his room and strangled her with shoelaces, according to the police report.

Later, he dragged and dumped her body along the roadside after keeping it hidden in his room until late at night.

According to the suspect, he returned to his mother's home and slept there until the following day. Police were informed by the mother of the deceased girl that the suspect had also called him earlier.

The mother, Rose Nyanchama, grades flowers at one of the Naivasha farms. She claimed that she had given the daughter money for breakfast before she departed for work when the daughter vanished.

She claimed that the suspect had also given them their house key, claiming that the dead had left it with him.

It was discovered that the suspect had gone to Brenda's residence earlier in the day to assist with household duties, including dishwashing.

Rose told police that when she informed the suspect of the disappearance of her daughter, he appeared surprised and volunteered to assist in the search.

The mother, the suspect, and other villagers searched the region in vain for the missing girl for about seven hours.

The suspect even advised the woman to go home and unwind before the death of the teenage girl was discovered nearby the next day, according to a friend who called the woman.

Samuel Kiplong, the deputy police chief in Naivasha, said they believe the deceased girl and the suspect had disagreements about love and money.

He claimed that a murder case is being looked at. “We suspect a case of love gone sour. The suspect also claims he had given the girl Sh200 for unclear reasons,” he said.

Police took the suspect to court and asked for more time to finish their investigation. The teenager will be evaluated to see if he is mentally fit to stand trial for murder.

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