Man arrested after stabbing wife to death in Buruburu

He claimed the wife became violent, picked a kitchen knife and stabbed him in the hand.

Piece by: Cyrus Ombati

• Police were called to the scene and said they recovered both knives at the scene.

• The man was arrested pending further investigation.

Crime Scene
Image: FILE

In Buruburu, Nairobi, a man was detained after killing his wife with a knife after a domestic dispute.

The man reported to authorities that he and his 42-year-old wife got into a fight after a marital dispute.

In his account, the wife allegedly became aggressive and stabbed him in the hand with a kitchen knife. He claims that as a result, he grabbed another kitchen knife and stabbed her, leaving her to lie on the ground.

After leaving the house, he returned shortly after discovering she had passed away. When police arrived on the site, they claimed to have found both knives. The individual was detained pending additional research.

Prior to an autopsy, the body was taken to the mortuary. According to police statistics, violent domestic disputes are becoming more frequent despite initiatives to stop the problem.

According to police, women make up the majority of the victims.

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