Kisii man allegedly kills wife over Sh4,000 shopping money

He was angered the woman did not shop as earlier agreed, police said


• The deceased body had visible strangulation marks, swollen cheekbones, swollen head, deep cut injury on the fingers, and bruised thighs, police said.

• A machete was recovered from the house and kept on exhibit as the suspect was arrested.

Crime Scene
Image: Courtesy

In Kenyerere village, Kisii County, a 33-year-old man was detained after he allegedly beat his wife to death during a domestic dispute about shopping money.

The wife, a 28-year-old mother of three children, passed away from her injuries on June 18, according to authorities.

The woman was given Sh4,000 by the husband, according to the police report, but she did not return in time. She arrived home inebriated and empty-handed, which infuriated the man.

Then, he allegedly attacked her in front of her kids, seriously hurting her skull. According to authorities, the deceased's body was found with obvious signs of strangulation, swollen cheeks, a bloated skull, deep cuts on the fingers, and bruised thighs.

As the suspect was being detained, a machete was found in the residence and held as an exhibit. Prior to an autopsy, the body was taken to the mortuary.

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