Muhoozi: Even in my dreams, Nairobi is still mine

The head of Uganda's land forces said that he has the ability to win any election in Kenya.

Piece by: Moses Sagwe

• "My old neighborhood in Westlands will be my home." - Muhoozi said.

Gen.Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

General Muhoozi Kainerugaba, the son of Uganda's long-time president, has continued to insist on his ambition to conquer the city of Nairobi one day - a statement he made last year that caused a stir on Twitter.

Using his Twitter page on Monday he hinted that even in his dreams, he sees the city of Nairobi in his palm and stressed that his dream of living in Westlands is still alive.

"Even in my dreams, Nairobi is mine. My old neighborhood in Westlands will be my home. That city and country are mine!” Muhoozi wrote.

He also reiterated that if he wants to run for election in any position in Kenya, he will emerge victorious because of what he said is sincere love from Kenyans who accept his philosophies.

"I have the ability to win any election in Kenya, people love me," he said. Late last year, General Muhoozi caused a stir on social media when he wrote that it would not take him more than two weeks to capture the city of Nairobi using Ugandan UPDF forces.

He said that unlike Russia, who have failed to conquer Ukraine for more than a year now, for him to conquer Kenya is as easy as eating candy!

Kenyans were not happy with the remarks on Twitter where they attacked him strongly with sarcastic words, some wondering that such arbitrary statements would pollute the diplomatic peace between the two nations.

Several weeks later, Kainerugaba admitted to messing up and apologized to Kenyans saying that he was just joking with them, but it seems his desire has still not been quenched as seen in his latest statement.

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