• Ugandans are amused at the video and joined KOT to comment about it.

• Eric visited Uganda days after the diplomatic tiff between Kenya and Uganda.

eric omondi trolls uganda in skit about muhoozi
eric omondi trolls uganda in skit about muhoozi

Eric Omondi was last in Uganda in October, but that may have been his last time in that country if his last skit is anything to go by.

Eric has released a skit making fun of President Museveni's son General Muhoozi who last month threatened to take over Kenya.

He captions it "Muhoozi bring it on,l am ready."

Muhoozi kicked off a storm on October 3 with Kenyans and the Government alike.

The 48-year-old suggested taking his troops to capture Nairobi and chided former Head of State Uhuru Kenyatta for not attempting an unconstitutional third bid at the presidency in the August 9 election.

In Kenya, Presidents are only allowed a two-term stint.

In his skit shared on November 14, Omondi shows up in a helicopter in full military gear, flying to Kenya. 

"Number one, number one we are on the way to capture Kenya," he begins.

Eric and a team of military-clad officers look around in amazement as they appear confused about where they have landed.

They land and walk on the Nairobi expressway where Eric speaks into a walkie talkie telling the person receiving the call that

"I think we have landed in Dubai, this is not Kenya, can you put daddy on the phone."

He continues asking; "I think we have landed in Dubai, is this Dubai?  What is an expressway."

The camera pans around showing the expansive buildings surrounding the expressway, which many people have compared to Dubai.

The team of heavily armed army officers then walk along Nation Centre where they have a shootout with an unidentified enemy. 

Ugandans and Kenyans alike are amused at the video. Some of the comments are below;

@Docktus_·16hEric Omondi has single-handedly dealt with Ugandans and their General Muhoozi. That was hilarious!

@beewol·20hEric Omondi has unleashed a two footed tackle on our guy. We need to retaliate. But first, we laugh.

@HarrysonOjiambo·Youll be banned from entering uganda

@MurangiriOscar·_@mkainerugaba kuja Kenya uone vile @ericomondi_ atakutenda, anasema atakunyanyua juu juu na Bunduki lake la mbao and his Mascular 4 army Men, take that challenge buana

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