President Ruto's photo raises health concerns

The image went viral with many wondering could have caused the swelling

• The head of state's swollen feet have caused concern among Kenyans online.

A photo of him with seemingly swollen legs has emerged.
President William Ruto. A photo of him with seemingly swollen legs has emerged.
Image: The-Star

A photo of President William Ruto, Moses Kuria, and Mithika Linturi has been the rage online. It went viral after netizens spotted the President with very swollen legs.

It made many wonders if the Head of State was okay or not.

President William Ruto with CS Moses Kuria and Mithika Linturi.

Some of the comments from Kenyans are below;

@nyawade_benard: Hiyo Ugonjwa ni mbaya iliua nyanyangu

@Ammar_Kassim8: Hii ni kuoverwork.

@ngetuny: Often times it's pressure from long hauls and the trip to South Korea is bound to cause such..nothing to worry will ease on its own.

@nixon_okech: Signs of oedema, due to sitting for long and standing too much, no big deal!

@steve773605121: From the look of things, nabii needs to fast and pray more as a matter of urgency, evidently the devil is in the details.

Many of the comments online hypothesized that Mr. Ruto was suffering from Oedema (something we as cannot substantiate as the president himself hasn't spoken on it) 

But as what is Oedema?

Oedema is a build-up of fluid in the body which causes the affected tissue to become swollen. The swelling can occur in one particular part of the body or maybe more general, depending on the cause. 

Oedema is usually caused by:

  • Standing or sitting in the same position for too long
  • Eating too much salty food
  • Being overweight

Occasional swelling in the feet or legs can be a normal response to heat, injury, or pregnancy. 

Mild cases of edema will usually go away on their own, particularly if you make certain lifestyle adjustments.

Severe cases of edema may be treated with diuretics (medications that help your body expel excess fluid in urine).

Swelling in Oedema goes down in two or three days. If the swelling persists one should consult a doctor.

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