• Charlene is also a director at Weston Hotels which her father the president owns.

• The mom of one is a very down to earth for those who have met her.

Charlene Ruto meeting school children.
Image: Twitter

Charlene Ruto, the second daughter of President William Ruto has been traversing the globe, meeting Government and private officials.

While she has not officially announced anything, Charlene's engagements have led to speculation amongst Kenyans.

Worthy of note is that Charlene is the first First daughter to ever publicly take on an active role and keep Kenyans up to date.

On one of her visits, Charlene enjoyed a light moment at the Mohammed VI Football Complex in Salé Morocco. She revealed a little-known detail about herself: that she was a goalkeeper in high school matches.

Charlene Ruto meeting with high school students.
Image: Twitter

Kenyans are commenting about her activities, wondering what her role is:

@SoundEng14...This gal is brilliant and what’s wrong with her hinting at political career

@daudijimbo...Anataka kua successor wa babake

@ngizanuruni...Anatengeneza , , anasafisha rada which is good 😂😂

@GarithiO...I love her strategy. First she's getting popularity across the countryMingling and blending kwa ground. Then Ile time at a launch political career take, ashajulikana

@jumaf3...What role is Charlene Ruto playing in this government? She seems so powerful bwana! 🤔🤔🤔. Ama she is CS without a portfolio?

Charlene is said to be the Director of Public Relations and Branding at Weston Hotel located along Lang'ata Road.

She is also a climate change champion according to her online bio. She welcomed a baby back in 2021. A source told Mpasho last year that;

"The grandparents as super jazzed with the arrival of the little angel. This is their first grandchild."

Adding, "Rachel Ruto has been spending so much time with her grandchild and very enamoured with the newborn."

Charlene Ruto meeting with Kenyans.
Image: Twitter

We got to know she is active on social media after she exposed a fake Twitter account.

On October 21, Charlene warned Kenyans against being extorted by that account writing;

"Enough is enough! I have had enough! Met a young lady by the name Mercyline this morning who informed me that she was asked by someone purporting to be me on social media that she would get a job if she sent money to them and to meet them at Weston Hotel, even through WhatsApp."

She added;

"That is a fake account and untrue. Kenyans don't allow yourselves to believe, be cheated, and conned by these fake accounts."

Check out some photos of Charlene's trips below;

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