'I witnessed a woman being stabbed' Kenyans share their insecurity stories

The stabbing either leave one dead or with life time injuries.

• Kenyans hope the government will do something about the rising insecurity.

• The muggings are mostly committed by Kenyans in their early 20's.

Kenyans have shared their experience with thugs.
Kenyans have shared their experience with thugs.

There has been an outcry by Kenyans over the latest increase in insecurity cases with most of them ending up in stabbings or murder.

During the Morning Conversation on Classic 105, Kenyans shared their experiences at the hands of these merciless thugs.

*Peter says he was almost attacked while depositing cash.

"I went in to deposit some cash in Tala and while coming out 5 boys approached me and I had to run."

*Mike narrated

"They approached me and I was only carrying a charger. They told me to give them the charger but warned me they would be back for the phone.

What happened is a story for another day."

*Shiru says in Dagoretti, things aren't easier.

"I live in Dagoretti Corner, Githende.

You cannot walk without your phone being snatched, we have reported and nothing has been done.

I do not know if the police have relaxed or not.

They even stalk people who hawk coffee, drink, and refuse to pay for it."

A police inspector called in saying that people are nowadays quick to report the police to IPOA adding that this has made them hesitant.

'Tumekaliwa, the police can't do anything because they fear everything including IPOA.

You may use your gun then you get followed, so nobody wants to take action."

Below are some tweets from Kenyans

@collinsadek: What's happening is Maina people wako na njaa, hakuna kazi na watu wamesoma. These young people are graduates they are desperate in life. Today at Roster's roundabout witnessed a woman being stabbed at 7:30.

@JosephN52906960: I was attacked at a bus station last month around 5 pm while people who were queueing for super metro buses for joska/Imaraa just looked on no one helped me I needed like 6 stitches all over my face.

@DeejayGlow254: It's Not politics but Ukweli ni kwamba Matiangi Alikuwa Amemaliza Hiii maneno If The Deputy President Mwenye Anasema DCI Warudi Kiambu Road hehehehe.... Anyway, This Government has a lot To do.

@Mikaelkangaaru: I am a victim maina, was Robbed at 8pm at bus station watu walikuwa hapo wakiwatch.walinipora phone na pesa i had kubeg a guy anipee 50bob nifike home..it's craizy.He came one guy akaniuliza "niaje bro unaenda" I replied naajua kwenye naenda then akasema "si uache za macho"

@BlaqYoh: Maina Mimi nacamp hapa ghetto (mathare)Yani Sahi daily kutoka saa moja watu wanaibiwa Kwa main road wakitoka job na to be sincere this has started since that decision was made by the govt and b4 kulikuwa na order aki watu Wana loose a lot

@kurui16: Nliibiwa to on a Sunday at 10 asubuhi and it was mugging walahi saa nne asubuhi maina

@mosy8019: My wife's gold chain was snatched at Archives on Sunday while coming from All saints cathedral.

These goons in a motorbike confiscated a handbag from a helpless woman who had come from a church in broad daylight. 

They are bold and intimidating.

Have you been robbed recently? Share your experience.

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