'He tortures people for fun..' Bobi Wine reacts to Museveni's son threat to Kenya

Muhoozi was disappointed that Uhuru Kenyatta did not vie for another Presidential term.

• General Muhoozi said it would take them two weeks to take over Kenya.

• His dad has been the Ugandan President since 1986

The Military boss who is President Museveni's son said it would take two weeks to over take Kenya.
General Kainerugaba and Bobi Wine. The Military boss who is President Museveni's son said it would take two weeks to over take Kenya.
Image: Twitter

Ugandan politician cum activist Bobi Wine has reacted to General Kainerugaba's tweet bragging that it would take him two weeks to over take Kenya.

Bobi now says behind the tweets is a man who finds pleasure in killing people.

" You now understand what it means to live in Uganda under Gen. Museveni and his son, whom he gifted the highest military ranks and put him in charge of our land forces!

Sadly, beneath the senseless tweets lies a monster who brutalizes and tortures our people for fun!" Tweeted an obviously agitated Bobi

In his series of controversial tweets, Kainerugaba referring to former  President Uhuru Kenyatta as his “big brother blamed him for failing to run for the presidency for a third term, adding he could have easily won the election.

"My only problem with my big brother is that he did not stand for a third term. We would have won easily," he posted on Twitter.

Museveni’s son further degraded the Kenyan Constitution saying that Uhuru should have changed the constitution to remain in power.

"Haha! I love my Kenyan relatives. Constitution? Rule of law? You must be joking! For us (Uganda), there is only the Revolution and you will soon learn about it!" he said.

According to Kenyan law, once a Head of state serves for two terms, he cannot contest for a third term.

Not done with Kenya, Kainerugaba claimed that it will take him, and his army less than two weeks to take control of Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya.

"It wouldn't take us, my army and me, 2 weeks to capture Nairobi.' He tweeted.

His tweets angered KOT and the hashtag UgandaV/S Kenya is currently trending.

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