Gor Mahia Chairman reveals the no of people he has recruited to Freemasonry

He noted that the group is independent and does not lean on any religion.

• Rachier said the society does not give human sacrifices.

• He said the society has members from all religions.

He is a member of the Free Mason.
Gor Mahia Chairman Ambrose Rachier. He is a member of the Free Mason.

 Gor Mahia chairman Ambrose Rachier a renowned Freemason member has denied the society's offers of human sacrifices.

In an interview on NTV admitted to being a member of the Free Mason.

"I have heard some saying we sacrifice family members; there is nothing like that. It is universally practiced worldwide," he stated. 


"I want to thank God that all my children are alive. I have lost no child or sibling and they are known. My very close family members are there.

"I have taken close to 20 people in."

He noted that the group is independent and does not lean on any religion but revealed that the organization welcomes Holy books during the members' meetings and, specifically prefers reading Bible books such as Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, and Kings.

"Masonry is not based on any particular religion; we have Muslims in freemasonry, Christians, Buddhists, so there is no reference to issues of devil worship whoever the devil is," he said.

Rachier said they do not involve the name of Jesus Christ in their meetings.

"I am not scared to say I am one of them. I have no regret. My family knows I go for these meetings, there is a way of dress and when I am going I carry my attire. If you look at the board, you will find chief justices of Kenya, president of Kenyan; there is a lot of who is who in Kenya there," he expounded. 

Many have called out Rachier for trying to sugarcoat Freemasonry with a section arguing it is a cult.

Would you join the Freemason given a chance? 

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