BBC presenter Ciru Muriuki has cut her long dreadlocks.

Announcing on her Instagram, Ciru posted a series of photos with a new hairstyle.

“It was time and it is done,” she said.

She then added that she has not owned a comp for about six years.

“I came home and I don’t have a comb. I have not owned a comb in six years but I love my cut.”

This comes a month after losing her dad.

Ciru Muriuki with her late father
Ciru Muriuki with her late father

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She described him as a loving father who was also her anchor.

“What life can never prepare you for is to lose a beloved parent. My most honoured, most cherished father has rested,” she wrote.

“I have grappled with the unimaginable pain of losing my anchor, my best friend, the best man I have ever known.”

In another post she said,

“Words are not enough to express the immensity of this loss. But in all things, we praise the name of the Lord. Dad, I will love you forever. The rest of my life will be spent longing to see you again.”

Check out her new look;



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Other prominent persons who have shaved their locks are;


Davidson Ngibuini popularly known as DNG shaved off his six-year-old dreadlocks back in 2013 as a ‘sign of sacrifice’ when he got saved and ditched secular music for gospel music.

In an interview with Pulse, DNG claimed that he did ask God to save him and change his ways and he would in shave off his dreadlocks in return.

 Koigi wa Wamwere

The human rights activist made a vow back in the ’90s promising that he would shave his shoulder-length dreadlocks the day President Moi would leave power. True to his word, Koigi shaved his more than ten years old dreadlocks to celebrate Mwai Kibaki’s election win in 2003.

Annabel Onyango with her husband and babyAnnabel Onyango

Annabel is one of the most celebrated Kenyan fashion icons. The Sauti sol stylist decided to do away with her blonde dreadlocks early 2015.

However, unlike many, she never gave a reason for chopping off her dreads which were considered as one of the longest in the country’s show business industry.

Eric Wainaina

The Kenyan music great surprised the nation when he shaved his long dreadlocks in 2013. Wainaina who apart from his unique musical style, was well known for his dreadlocks and it came as a huge surprise when he appeared on Tusker Project Fame programme with a rather short brown hair which has since remained his signature style.

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